5 Styles Of Bags Every Woman Needs To Own.

Bags are the perfect accessory to style your outfit with. Investing in a functional and trendy handbag saves you tons of money. We list 5 must have bags every woman needs to own that are super functional and in-trend all year round.



The crossbody bag is the ultimate form meets function accessory. Crossbody bags have become popular over the years. They are the perfect on the go bags. Crossbody bags come in tons of stylish designs and shapes. They are light-weight and super easy to carry which means you only carry all your essentials like keys and wallet in it. You should invest in a neutral color crossbody and a funky design crossbody that will go with any of your outfits.



Get yourself a backpack, you will love it. You can carry a backpack to the gym, office, on vacation and travel. A backpack is super useful and you can carry a lot of things in it. A backpack is the perfect cross between a tote and a crossbody. For outings and short trips a backpack is a great option. Backpacks are cool and stylish, practical and convenient.



The classic, every woman already owns a tote and if not needs to get one now! Tote bags help you carry everything from your laptop, to makeup, to scarves, keys and wallet in one big bag. Tote bags are great for busy moms and working women. The large size makes it the perfect vacation bag.



A clutch completes your look like nothing else. Investing in a Day clutch (Envelope style) and Night clutch (Box style) will do you good. Every woman needs a statement clutch to carry to a glitzy event or to brunch with friends. Carrying a clutch elevates your whole look. You can carry all your essentials like your phone, cards and lip gloss in the clutch and you’re good to go.



What is a day bag you ask? It is the perfect everyday bag you need in your closet. A day bag is also your work bag. A day bag should be roomy for you to put all your stuff in. Your day bag should be versatile enough for you to carry anywhere. You need a day bag that you can carry to work and meetings, which goes with all your outfits; that can later be carried as your daily handbag. Always invest in a tailored and structured day bag that you can carry all year round.




Splurge a bit and get yourself a statement bag. A statement bag is an investment. Your statement bag reflects your style. It is a luxury bag. It can be a designer handbag that you only bring out once a year to carry to those Christmas holiday parties or when the occasion really calls for it. Or simply a beautiful looking, stylish handbag that you love and makes you feel special.


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