How to wear Dark Lips for FALL.


It is that time of the year again. Its Fall and beauty junkies everywhere are switching up their lipstick game from summer nudes and pinks to plum, burgundy, oxblood, dark purple and black for Fall. Wearing dark lipstick can be intimidating for many. Dark lips don’t look great on everybody and is quite a high maintenance look.

We list all the helpful tips for you on how to wear dark lips for fall without looking like you went Goth.

Find Your Right Shade

Finding your Undertone is the key to choosing the right dark lipstick shade.

Fair Tone: Berry tones and blue based dark lip colors like Dark purple and oxblood, look great on people with fairer skin tone.

Light to Medium tone: People who have medium to light skin tone, berry colors and brick red colors will suit the best.

Olive tone: People with olive skin tone tend to have a golden undertone and should opt for deep browns and dark burgundy colors.

Dark tone: For people with darker skin tone any black, dark blue, oxblood and dark purple color will look great.


Prep Time

First and foremost is Lip Care. Exfoliate and Moisturize. You cannot put dark lipstick on chapped and flaky lips. Exfoliating is a must for smooth and plum lips. Scrub the dead skin off your lips. After exfoliating you must moisturize your lips and apply lip balm to keep them soft.

Line the Lips

First rule of wearing dark lipstick is to line your lips with a lip pencil in the same color. Create an outline on your lips to fill in. A lip pencil helps you define your lips perfectly. Filling your entire lips with the lip pencil also creates a good base for lipstick application.

Use a Lip Brush

Applying dark lipstick directly from the tube can be tricky. Using a lip brush to apply the color gives you control. Follow the outline of the lip liner, starting from the corner of your lips, filling in the center. If you are wearing cream lipstick then always apply it with a lip brush. For the evening opt for a satin finish lipstick. Matte finish lipstick looks great during the day.

Conceal the Imperfections

It is easy to make mistakes while applying dark lipstick. If you do make a mistake, apply concealer to cover up the mistakes and clean the edges.

Minimal Makeup is the key

When you are wearing dark lipstick the rest of your makeup needs to be very minimal. Wearing heavy makeup with dark lips just takes away all the attention from the lips. Go for nude eye shadow; wear loads of mascara and less blush. On the other hand a bold, statement Smokey eye look also pairs well with dark lips and are a great evening makeup look option.

Avoid Contour, Bronze instead

For people with fair skin tone, wearing dark lipstick makes them look pale. Avoid contouring and instead bronze your face to add some warmth and color into the skin.

Lastly, when choosing a dark lipstick remember to select shades that don’t make your teeth look yellow.




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