How To Sport Fall’s Surprising Hair Trend 3 WAYS!

This fall it’s all about that Power haircut. That’s right ladies; the Blunt bob is making a comeback. Celebs from the Kardashians to Selena Gomez, they are all rocking it. The Blunt bob is the haircut popularized and inspired by Anna Wintour. The Blunt bob haircut is just a bit longer than the Bob haircut but shorter than the Lob haircut. So ladies if you like short hair or simply want to try a new haircut to change your look up a bit, keep reading.

Here are 3 ways you can rock this haircut.



For ladies who mean business, Blunt bob haircut with bangs is the ultimate Boss lady haircut. Sported by the Vogue Empress Anna Wintour, this haircut looks good on women who have a heart shape face cut. The haircut draws focus on your face and beautifully frames your face.



The Blunt bob in clean cut is just a no fuss haircut. If you like short hair and don’t like to put too much effort into hair styling this one is for you. For women who have straight hair, this super clean Blunt bob cut suits best as it is easily manageable. The clean Blunt bob looks great on women who have an oval face shape.



The Shaggy Blunt Bob seems to be a favorite of many celebs. Jenna Dewan, Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev and Lucy Hale love sporting this look. It looks good side parted or with a middle partition. The shaggy bob is all about adding texture to your hair; it suits women who have square face shape well.


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