Red lips, Jeans and a casual tee styled with messy hair is a classic summer look that every girl loves to wear. But that doesn’t mean you stick to one look throughout the summer. We tell you how to pair your hair and makeup with your outfits and help you get your Summer Look Book ready.

#LOOK01 Jeans, Red lips and Beach wave hair


A look that stands the test of time and fashion: Red lips and Jeans. Pick a t-shirt red, white, black any t-shirt and pair it with your most flattering Jeans; Wear your favorite Red lipstick and your look is complete. For a classic look like this your hair needs to look classy. We say go wavy. Soft, beach wave hair perfectly finishes this look. Oh, and don’t forget the mascara.

#LOOK02 Denim Shorts, Denim Jacket, No-makeup Makeup and Bun hairstyle


Denim shorts and Denim Jackets are a summer fashion staple. This look is for those laid back weekends when you don’t feel like putting much effort into your look but still want to look good. A cool summer Tee paired with denim shorts and a jacket, styled with converse completes your look. Styling your hair in a bun compliments this laid back look perfectly. For this casual look your makeup needs to be very natural, so go for your basic no-makeup makeup look.

#LOOK03 Summer dress, Soft Blush makeup and Natural hair


A girl’s summer wardrobe is incomplete without pretty summer dresses and Maxi dresses. And many times girls make a mistake of over-styling this simple yet trendy look. Take note: Less is more. Your trusted pair of sneakers, gladiators or flats, a pair of sunglasses, leather or denim jacket, maybe a summer hat and a bag that matches your dress is all you need to style this pretty look. Keep your makeup to the minimum. Apply soft, blush summer inspired makeup and keep your hair natural looking by just blow drying them.

#LOOK04 White outfit, Vibrant makeup and Half top-knot hairstyle


The whites come out when summer comes in. Styling a white outfit is a challenge. But with the right guide, you can take your look from blah to fabulous. Add some color to your white outfit with makeup and colorful accessories. Focus on the eyes and accessorize correct. Opting for a single color eye shadow shade will enhance your look. Experiment with colorful eye liners. If you are more of a lipstick person then wear bright popping lip colors. Jazz up this look by styling your hair in a half top-knot.

So there you have it, 4 cool summer fashion looks you can try and wear anywhere and everywhere this summer.



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