Summer is here, which means it’s time to flaunt that beach body and get your tan on. Lots of swim suit shopping to do and denim shorts to buy. And it’s the perfect time to bring out those sunny hats and wear them with your pretty summer dresses. We cannot think of a better way to spend the summers by the pool, sipping margaritas with lots of sunscreen lathered on.

If there is one thing you need not spend too much money on this summer, it is Makeup! Yes, this summer it’s all about going ‘Au Naturale.’ Forget hoarding your makeup bag with numerous makeup products to keep the oily skin at bay. More is less this summer. We list the essential beauty products you will need to get through the entire summer.

1. Protect with sunscreen

sunscreen-blog-post-imageYour summer beauty regime is incomplete if you don’t pack the sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential and probably the only thing you should buy in bulk during the summers. Avoid sunburns and go buy that expensive, water-proof, long-lasting sunscreen now.

2. Oil free moisturizer

MoisturizerTwo of the worst things about summer: sweat and oily face. Controlling the sweat isn’t in our hands but we can definitely make sure our skin stays oil free for awhile. After applying sunscreen make sure you use an oil free moisturizer to keep your face from getting oily.

3. Prime it up

Essential-Tips-1-size-3To make your makeup last long, take this additional step and apply a primer before you start applying your makeup. Applying primer underneath your makeup will help keep your makeup intact throughout the day.

4. Go tinted

samples-tinted-moisturizer-spf20Forget foundation, BB Creams and Tinted moisturizer is the way to go this summer. Can’t let go of the foundation? Many beauty brands have amazing range of sheer cover and light weight foundations you can try that is not too heavy on the skin. You can also skip this step and simply mix your foundation with your moisturizer to achieve that more natural look.

5. Bronze goddess


Summer is all about that healthy glow and warmth in your skin. If you are one of the many who struggle to get that tan on, then you know very well that bronzer is your best friend. Wearing bronzer as a blush is a great trick to sport that tan.

6. Stain perfection


Avoid powder or cream blush during the summer and opt for cheek stains instead. Invest in a multipurpose cheek stain stick that can also be used as lip stain and as an eye shadow. Cheek stains are perfect to fake that inner flushed look on your cheeks.

7. One color shadow

Kiko Longlasting Stick 38 Golden Taupe (5).jpg

Opt for a single color eye shadow shade like copper, rose gold or even any vibrant color. Make sure to use an eye primer so your eye makeup doesn’t crease. Single shade eye shadow sticks are easier to use and blend.

8. Water proof mascara


Nobody wants to be caught dead with smudgy and smeared mascara. Investing in water proof mascara is the first thing you need to do when you go makeup shopping.

9. Pucker up those lips


Make sure you have your trusty lip balm handy everywhere you go. Even during summers our lips are bound to get cracked and dry. Forget the lipsticks and opt for lip stains. If you still can’t do without lipsticks then opt for long wear liquid lipsticks in summer colors like coral, soft pink and red.

10. Blot that shine away


Your face is bound to get oily and sweaty no matter how much effort you take to avoid the heat. Keeping blotting papers in your makeup bag comes handy all the time. You’ll forever be grateful for carrying these blotting papers along, when you have to take a selfie and your T-zone shows the shine, just dab and wipe away that shine.

Hope you found this article useful. Share your opinion with us on the comment section. Keep Shining with FASH!






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