The British Royal family is one of the most famous Royal families around the world. The British Royal ladies are one of the most photographed women in the world. Royal fashion has been a subject of admiration for years now by many fashion lovers. We all love to keep up with the latest British Royal family news. And today’s royal subject is the iconic Royal hairstyles.

No matter what, a Princess has to look her utmost best at all times. From their dresses, to their shoes and jewelry everything has to look pristine. Every appearance they make is front page news. So when it comes to their hair, there is no exception. Ever wondered why the ladies prefer to stick to one type of hairstyle? It’s because having a signature hairstyle is part of having a signature style for a Princess. For years now the Royal family ladies have been giving us some of the most iconic hairstyle looks we’ve come to love. It’s no surprise that even today ‘The Diana cut’ is listed as the most famous hairstyle of all time. For royal ladies having a signature hairstyle has become a requirement in today’s world.



The Queen has had her signature hairstyle since a very long time. Shoulder length hair, not too short-not too long, curled at the bottom to perfectly hold a tiara in place. The queen’s now iconic hairstyle is the way it is for practical reasons. To save the time of getting the hair done and avoid the hassle of major hair disasters, the queen opted for this now iconic ‘tidy’ yet ‘sensible’ hairstyle to suit her demanding lifestyle. Though not a popular favorite with many fashion lovers today, there is no denying that during the 50’s the Queen was a trend setter with her hairstyle.



When Diana became popular in the 80’s, her hairstyle became an instant hit. Princess Diana gave the world the now famous ‘The Diana cut.’ Diana’s haircut was dubbed ‘non princess like’ and ‘boyish’ at the time when women around the world were busy copying Sarah Fawcett’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’ inspired ‘The Feather’ hair-cut. But Princess Diana’s hairstyle stood out. Along with the growing popularity of Diana grew the love for Diana’s now famous hairstyle. Diana’s willingness to experiment with fashion and modern style trends made headlines everywhere; but the one thing that never changed was her hair.



Super-shiny, glossy, beautifully curled and perfectly placed hair is how one can describe Kate Middleton’s lustrous mane. There is no doubt that Kate’s hair is her crowning glory. Many articles are written on the wonder that is Kate’s hair. Kate loves a good blowout and there is no denying it. Now and then she spurs it up with an updo for fancy occasions. Women cannot help but envy Kate for how gorgeous she looks every time while making her post-pregnancy debut with her bouncy, frizz free hair. Guess having a personal hair stylist always on call is one of the perks of being a Princess. Kate’s hairstyle is perfect for a modern Royal Princess.



Currently preparing for her fairy-tale wedding and sporting spring’s most trendy hairstyle ‘The Messy bun’; Meghan Markle has also chosen her signature hairstyle, ‘Casual Natural’ hair. This is the look that is becoming on Meghan. With her signature hairstyle Meghan has established the fact that she is not the one for fancy, over top done looks. The curiosity over how Meghan wears her hair during her very public Royal wedding will set the hairstyle trend for weddings to come. For a modern working royal Meghan’s natural hairstyle is making a great statement.

For Royal Princesses having a signature hairstyle isn’t just for style, it is also what will describe them and their look for years to come. Let us know about your favorite royal hairstyle in the comments below.




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