With the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just around the corner and Kate Middleton getting a new sister-in-law; the world can’t help but dub the two as the new ‘Diana and Fergie.’ There is no doubt that both Kate and Meghan make for a stylish duo but they aren’t the only royal pair who make the headlines for the best dressed. Here’s looking at some of the other famous royal sisters-in-law who serve the best fashion.

Danish Beauties


Princess Mary and Princess Marie of Denmark could be called twins. Their names, much too similar and their fashion sense much too identical. Both the princesses have a liking for elegant clothes.

Swedish Princesses


The Swedish Royal family is just another royal family we love. Sisters-in-law Victoria, Madeleine and Sofia have become the new fashion icons. Their elegant, chic and modern style dressing is loved by all.

Monaco Fashionistas


From the heavenly Monaco we have the very stylish and glamorous trio Charlotte, Tatiana and Beatrice Casiraghi. Be it at a Fashion show or charity gala, these ladies are always seen wearing head to toe designer clothes. These ladies know how to do Glamour!

British Royalties


Probably the most famous Royal family around, soon to be sister-in-law Kate and Meghan have proved that when it comes to Royal Fashion, no one can beat them.  Ever since coming into the global limelight Kate and Meghan have aced the Royal dressing game and the world is eager to see more amazing fashion moments together from the two new sisters-in-law.

Do you have a favorite royal sister-in-law pair? Do let us know on the comments below. Till then, stay tuned for our next Article.

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