Different Nail Colors, Different Meanings.

The nail color you choose to wear indicates a lot about your mood and likings in a way you never knew.



The color red is bold and sexy. People who often choose to wear red nail polish are considered to be confident and outgoing. They are people who are comfortable in their own skin and love glamour.



Gone are the days when wearing black nail paint meant people are going through a rebellious phase. People who love to wear black nail polish are considered to be introverts, though there are some who simply love the color black. They love how the color describes them to be reserved yet edgy in a way.



People who love to wear Nude nail polish love the versatility of the color. Nude shades are pretty low maintenance. Nude nail polish is chic and natural looking. This makes it the perfect shade to wear to corporate meetings and formal events.



This one’s a classic. Clear nail polish or the French manicure suits all age. People who often get French manicure are low maintenance people. They love to take care of their nails and keep their hands natural looking. These are people who stay clear of following any nail trends.



People who love to wear bright and vibrant nail paints are considered to be energetic and fun. Wearing colorful nail polish like blue, green, yellow, purple and orange gives a more youthful look to the wearer.



Deep, dark nail paints like navy blue, maroon, burgundy and dark brown are preferred by people who like to keep it classy. These rich nail color mean sophistication. The colors look chic and make the person who wears them seem mature.



If you love metallic nail paints then you love to live your life bigger, bolder and fabulously. People who wear metallic nail paints are high maintenance and are always ready to follow the latest Nail art trend.



If you often wear white nail paint then this means you are open to try anything new as long as it’s fun. White is a youthful color and a color that is always in trend!



There are two kinds of pink nail paints people love to wear; HOT PINK and PALE PINK. Hot pink is a super fun and sexy color to wear. People who are reserved and modest like pale pink nail paint for its subtleness. It’s a chic color to wear on any given occasion.

Hope you found this article useful. Share your opinion with us on the comment section. Keep Shining with FASH!


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