The Pantone Color Institute every year announces the ‘Color of the Year’. This color according to the experts is what we will be seeing everywhere from Fashion to Home Décor in the coming year. For the year 2018, the color is “Ultraviolet”.

Call it ‘Purple’ or ‘Violet’, Ultraviolet is a blue based violet color and has been a favorite with many artists and celebrities in the past years; also having deep roots in history. Historically, only Royals would wear any shade of Purple because the color was associated with royalty, wealth and power! Pantone says the color communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking.

So, it’s time to bring out those purple outfits you stacked at the back of your closet and shop for contrasting bags to go with them. Apart from the clothes, you can easily incorporate the color of the year in your makeup. We’ve got 5 amazing Eye makeup looks you can try with the color of the year!

Colorful Lashes


Replace your black mascara with purple color mascara. This is the easiest and very versatile look to pull off and looks great worn during the daytime. The Purple color looks quiet subtle when worn but makes your eyes look bright and wide just like the black mascara does.

Metallic Eyes


Metallic is in this season! Metallic makeup looks great worn during the night. Purple metallic eye shadow sticks are easy to use and is best used to achieve this look. You can opt for a classic cat eye in the shade or go all the way and apply it all over your eye lids and sport a bold, full purple eye makeup. Whatever your call, this look is a sure winner.



For many, purple seems to be their favorite color and they’ll definitely love this shadow-liner look. This look saves you time and makes your eye makeup stand out. This bold look is perfect for daytime. Simply apply your preferred shade of Purple shadow all over your eye lid in a big wing liner form and voila, you’re good to go. Simply, perfection!

Reverse eye makeup


Last year, the reverse eye makeup was one of the many trends that caught on with us. And it seems still relevant in 2018. Purple color looks great on people with brown eyes. Instead of using Purple as the main shadow here, you simply use it under the eyes to define them. It is important that you use a neutral color as base like a light peach, copper or brown on your eye lids in order for the purple to shine.

The Smokey eye


The list isn’t complete without a Smokey eye look. Here Scarlett Johansson shows us how to pull off a Smokey eye look during the daytime. On people with green eyes, purple makeup looks gorgeous. Add a bit of glitter to add some sparkle to the look.

For all the looks listed above, the key is to keep your overall makeup simple and neutral and let the purple shine through. So there you have it, 5 amazing ways you can incorporate ‘Ultraviolet’, the color of the year in your eye makeup.

Hope you found this article useful. Share your opinion with us on the comment section.

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