Must Have Skirts in every Fashionista’s wardrobe!

We all love to wear gorgeous skirts during the summers. A fashionable wardrobe is incomplete without some fancy skirts. They can be fun and classy given you wear the right kind of skirt at the right occasion. It is also boring to wear only one kind of skirt when there are so many types of skirts you can try. Today, get ready to give your wardrobe a ‘skirt’ makeover with our skirt guide to help you.

The pencil skirt


Nothing says Classy like a Pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are great option when you want to highlight your curves. They come in varied lengths and styles. Often women think a pencil skirt is only good for formal wear. We agree to disagree. With the right kind of styling, it is a great alternative from your usual jeans. A sequin pencil skirt is a great party wear option and a leather skirt in the same would look great on a date night. Celebs like Kendall Jenner are often seen wearing asymmetric cut pencil skirt styled with crop tops and t-shirts.

The Denim Skirt


In recent years, we got to see a lot of denim trends. With the surge in Mom Jeans and Cut out Jeans, even the humble denim skirt got a revamp. A denim skirt is a great alternative to jeans and perfect for day time wear. A denim skirt flatters one’s figure.  Long or short, a stylish denim skirt serves one well when needed. This season, we are particularly crushing on denim skirts with floral embroidery which look great with everything.

The Pleated skirt


Pleated skirts have been a classic and forever favorite with many celebs. A pleated skirt is the ideal spring skirt. A pleated skirt looks well on women of every body shape given its free flowing structure; it doesn’t stick or hug one’s body. Pleated maxi skirt with thigh slits look just amazing on tall girls with beautiful long legs.

The Ruffle Skirt


Layered skirt or Ruffle skirt is what you need in your wardrobe to add some drama to your outfit. A ruffle skirt is a great option to wear to dinner parties or when you have a formal function to attend. They look elegant. Ruffle skirts look great on women with an hourglass figure.

The Trumpet Skirt


A trumpet skirt is like a pencil skirt but has a peplum kind of flare to it at the bottom. Trumpet skirts come in many different styles, and they look very stylish and are comfortable to wear. Trumpet skirts almost suit every body type. So if you have a glamorous party to go to or a wedding to attend; you know what to wear next time.

The Skater Skirt or A-line Skirt


Every woman owns one of these and if not, your wardrobe is incomplete without this staple; the skater skirt or the A-line Skirt. Though they are not one and the same but both these skirts share some similarities. Both similar in structure, but skater skirts have a bit of flare to it. Alexa Chung loves her favorite A-Line Denim skirts; she’s always seen wearing them.

The Tulle Skirt


Tulle skirts are what dreams are made of. Previously Tulle skirts were mainly worn to weddings and fancy parties, until one day Sarah Jessica Parker popularized it in ‘Sex and the city’ and nothing was the same again. Tulle skirts are still popular to this day and we believe every girl deserves her Cinderella moment in a beautiful Tulle skirt.

All the stylish skirts one can have are here. The next time you go shopping, you know which skirts to get to look amazing!


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