It’s that time of the year again. It’s party season people! With Christmas upon us there’s still endless stuff to get done and plenty of gifts to buy for your loved ones. While some are busy making their annual ‘Resolutions List’ preparing for the New Year, others are, well busy planning and sorting outfits to wear for the many parties to attend.

So while you are busy shopping for the perfect party dress and matching shoes, maxing out your credit card; this party season we at FASH have narrowed down for you 5 all time classic make up looks to try this season.

Let’s start off with the first one…


The Classic winged eye and Red lips.


This is for women who like to make a minimal yet bold statement all in one. Nothing beats this classic look that’ll go perfectly well with your sparkly outfit. We are sure by now you have mastered how to apply that perfect stroke of liner to achieve a flawless winged eye. Keep the eye shadow to the bare minimum. Just a touch of shimmery, nude shadow would look amazing depending on your outfit. For the lips, be wise and choose a red that matches your skin tone.



The Soft Matte Look



From one classic to another, this year celebs like Kim Kardashian and Sarah Hyland were all about the soft smokey eye and matte lips. It’s chic and sophisticated, perfect for the dinner parties. Make sure to choose a warm brown, copper or gold shade as a shadow. A little bit of bronzer will bring some warmth to your skin. For the lips, go for a neutral shade in pink or nude in liquid matte or lipstick.



The Natural Beauty



So you like to keep it simple and stick to what suits best for you. Then take inspiration from the Duchess herself, Kate Middleton. For this, a BB cream or a medium coverage foundation will start as base. Keep the eye makeup simple with emphasis on the lashes. Kate Middleton loves her blush and you need lots of blush for this look. Choose a shade of soft, pink toned lipstick to finish off this look.


The Bold Berry lips



If you are experimental enough with your makeup then winter time is the perfect time to sport a bold berry lip. This look is all about the lips, so your makeup needs to be super minimal. Choose a shade of lip color that graduates towards plum and purple. Now since the lips are our star here we recommend not overdoing the eyes. Simply curl the lashes, put on lots of mascara and done! The ultimate elegant party look.


The Glittery Simmer look


Last but not the least our favorite for this season a sparkly makeup look. Add some drama to your look. Metallic eyes, in holiday colors like red, blue, green, gold and silver are a great idea! Choose a lipstick that doesn’t overpower your eye makeup.




So there you have it the best of 5 classic makeup looks for you to sport this party season. Tell us which makeup look you will be planning to wear in the comments below.


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