The Makeup industry is abuzz! Every day, tons of Makeup tutorial videos are made and uploaded on YouTube generating mass views. In the past decade, we’ve seen more number of beauty trends come and go than any other fashion trend! More Beauty Brands have been born this decade than any other.  We’ve come a long way since the days of ‘Rouge’ and ‘Kohl’; beauty today is more than just about looking pretty.

The Millennials swear by Contour and Highlight. The kardashians / Jenners popularized the need to look ‘Flawless’, leaving young fans wanting to find out how they achieve the looks they create; leading to the launch of the Kardashian/Jenner Apps and YouTube Channels. Beauty today has become a serious business!

And Celebrities are the latest entrepreneurs to enter this trillion dollar industry. It’s easy to say that Celebrity Makeup Line launches have taken over Celebrity Fashion Lines. Celebrities wield much power, money and social status and some of the power they have is through their social media presence, followers and the influence they have on their followers.

One has to wonder why celebs come out with Makeup lines when they have so much going on already! Is it to make their presence stronger? To secure the next 10yrs of their future in the industry with a strong backup? To connect with their fans through another medium?  Whatever the reason maybe, it seems Celeb owned Beauty Line are the future of Makeup Industry.

Kylie Jenner created a cosmetics Empire built out of her name, which reportedly grossed her 420$ million in 18 months! That’s a lot of money. But with the launch of KKW BEAUTY AND FENTY BEAUTY; will the Youngest Jenner be able to hold her title of reigning beauty queen for much long? Here are some Celeb owned Beauty line the millennials are loving at the moment.


image 1

This Tattooed Queen made sure her personality reflected well through her beauty line. Kat Von D first launched a series of beauty products teaming up with Sephora. After gaining success in her venture she later went ahead and launched her own Makeup line with Foundations and Lipsticks being some of the popular products women love to buy from her collection.



image 2This Beauty Mogul as we all know came into the spotlight with her YouTube channel where she would give beauty tips and advice on skincare to her followers. With an Instagram follower list of over 22million, Huda Kattan first launched ‘Eyelashes by HUDA’, that became so popular even Kim Kardashian loved them. Today, Huda Beauty’s ranges of Liquid Matte Lipsticks are the top selling product from her line. She’s been named one of the ‘Top Influencer of 2017’ by Forbes Magazine.



image 3Kylie Jenner, the name needs no introduction. Ever since the launch of her Lip Kits, kylie Cosmetics is estimated to make Billions of dollars for the youngest Jenner. Kylie is building a Makeup Empire with her Hair Extensions, Nail Lacquers, her popular Lip Kits and Eye shadow Palettes. She promises to come out with more products in the coming years. At just 20, and with a fandom of 90million on Instagram, Kylie’s life just seems to get bigger and better.


image 4

The ‘Kween’ of Contour Kim Kardashian launched her own mega- million dollar beauty line back in June. Her first product launch consisting of the Contour and Highlight sticks made her a whopping $14million as soon as they came out. It’s no guess that KKW Beauty is here to stay and marching ahead with new product launches including the recently launched KKW fragrance Line.


image 5Ri-Ri wasn’t far behind in this game launching her own beauty line aptly named ‘FENTY BEAUTY’, within just one month of its launch FENTY Beauty has been estimated to make over a $100million. What’s so good about this beauty line is that it aims to cater to the beauty needs of women of all color. Rihanna’s FENTY BEAUTY is proving to be a game changer in the beauty industry and is giving every other beauty brand a run for their money.

Which celebrity do you want next to launch a Makeup line? Beyonce maybe? Who do you think will take home the beauty crown? We can’t put a finger on which star beauty line is our favorite but we would love to hear about your favorite products from your favorite star’s beauty line. Let us know in the comments below.


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