Do you know that Eye-Shadows have their own language that they speak out? Read this to know more.

Eyes are considered to be the most expressive features of the face. Believe it or not your eyes say a lot about your personality. Such expressive eyes requires a lot beautification and dressing up to highlight what it wants to express further. We have got 6 different kinds of eyeshadow makeup that reveals your personality.

Smokey Ombre Shades:
Ombre Pink Red Yellow Orange Smokey Eyeshadow Matte EyeshadowThis eyeshadow pattern consists of shades of Pink, Red, Orange and Yellow. The Color Combination emits your personality as a very cheerful, socializing and fun-loving person.
This Combination of eyeshadow being very bright will look good with matching tone dress that projects bright colors and on a bright afternoon outing or beach parties.


Smokey Ombre Shades:
Dark Blue Smokey EyeshadowMatte Eyeshadow

The Tri Color of Black, Blue and White states the Personality of the applicant as Deep, Sober and Calm.

This eyeshadow will be best suiting for a Night Party with gowns or on formals wear of similar dark color


Glossy Eyeshadow:
Ombre Rainbow Glossy EyeshadowMulti-Color Light shades of eyeshadow giving a rainbow effect to your eyes.
Rainbow Color Eyeshadow depicts your brave and outgoing personality.
This color tone is perfect for a Cloudy Day. On the other hand, these shades can also be used for a late morning outing. Also Suitable for Disco Party
This eyeshadow looks good when incorporated with some light color, simple outfit or Multi Colored dress with heavy accessories

Peacock Shade Eyeshadow:
Peacock Matte Eyeshadow, Smokey EyeshadowSo Serene and So Sweet. This eyeshadow is best suitable for small family event or general occasion in the neighborhood. This Simple Smokey eyeshadow will look pretty with any outfit. The eye shadow is simple and sober; hence you can glam it with similar shade outfit or even dressing up with heavy jewelry, won’t make your appearance loud.


Ombre Shades of Yellow Blue:
Ombre Blue Yellow Pink EyeshadowThis is a Simple Matte Shadow of Yellow & Blue on eyelid, thick Eyeliner in the upper eye and pink eyeliner in the Water Line part.
The Light and bright Combo of Ombre shades represent your adjusting and flexible personality that mends well with any situation.
This matte eyeshadow is perfect for evening outing or for movies. It can be associated with any Trendy Outfit.


Shimmery Green:
Shimmery Green Eye Shadow
The Show Stopper Shimmery Sea Green. Looks so fabulous!
This Eyeshadow reflects your independent character, one who knows their self-worth.
The Eyeshadow is loud and can be worn with any light colored gown.
This is best suitable for Night parties, Wedding and any grand function.

Hope you understood your personality type and you are inspired by this article. Now wear your Eye-Shadow according to your personality with suitable costume.
Please leave us a comment on how did you find our article and like and share if you found it interesting.

Until then Stay Glam with FASH


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