Fidget Nail Art – The Most Trending Nail Art you just can’t miss

Although Fidget Spinner was invented in the year 1990 it has become famous in the year 2017. Fidget Spinner is the most trending Toy now-a-days and is considered as one of the stress buster. Nail Art is creative art work with embellishment on nails that everyone enjoys to view.  Nail Arts have been getting trendier and creative year after year.  And so is fidget Spinner a must have in every pockets.
How about combining art with toy and having it on your nails?

  • Fidget Nail Art begins with simple colorful paint on nails in the shape of micro fidgets.


  • The real fidget look-a-like spinners.You can actually spin like a real spinner. However, being a nail art it won’t serve as a stress buster. But certainly can make you look Trendy!!


  • The glowing fidget Nail-Art. Takes the fidget nail art to the next level with super glowing neon glittery green.


  • Last but not the least comes the most Trendy Unicorn Fidget Nail Art that can make everyone amuse. You have the benefit of Unicorn Luck Charm and Stress Fighter Fidget Spinner both on your fingertips.


Hope you enjoyed our blog on Fidget Nail Art and excited to have it done on your nails too. Keep Flaunting your Glowing, Glossy, Trendy Fidget Nail Art and do share your views and opinions and creative ideas with us. Until then…


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