Essential Tips while using makeup primer for face

Hello Ladies!
How is your busy life going? I understand in this hectic life it is very difficult to take time to take care of self, health and specially our beauty.
Also on the same time you just can’t go out with a clumsy appearance.

Having even tone face is very essential for an elegant look.
Due to lack of sleep, stressed lifestyle, insomnia, work pressure, imbalanced nutrition and many more unhealthy reasons, our poor health directly reflects upon our face. Curing it with medicines and meditation is must. However for instant relief one has to opt for Color Correcting Creams.
Primer popularly known as Color Correcting Cream (CC cream)

Like the name suggests Color Correcting Cream is used for correcting color of the complexion to get an even tone for the face. Primers also come in an array of colors, each with a different function. Color correcting primers work on the principle that a contrasting color neutralizes the color on the opposite spectrum of the color wheel.
There are basically 4 colors viz; green, salmon, lavender and light orange color which can be further classified into:-




1) Green: Green color skin tone? Sounds weird, doesn’t it? You don’t want a monster mask, but if you are prone to acne, pimples, etc. Your skin at that particular area tends to turn into Red Color. And Reddish color except in your cheeks looks lousy. In such a circumstance Green Color Primer is used to cover red pigmentation on face, such as pimples, acne or rosacea.

2) Lavender: Lavender color also may sound unfamiliar skin color but it is very effective when used at the pale portion of the skin. Lavender Color Primer reduces the unwanted pale undertone on the face, thus giving your skin a brighter glowing even tone. Lavender shade needs to be applied on the bulging surface of the face like Nose, Chin, cheekbones and Forehead.

3) Salmon: Salmon can be used in several ways. Salmon basically reduces the dark circles. However it can also be used along with Concealer to hide dark pigmentations. Salmon Color Primer can also be used with Shimmers and applied to highlight the area

4) Pink: Pink Color can be used to add luminosity to the Skin. It also makes the skin appear over all healthy. Pink helps in hiding fine lines and Skin Pores.

5) Bronze / Gold – Metallic Caramel shades combat achiness in medium and dark skin tones. If you find your skin looks dull or colorless, this is the color for you.

6) Yellow: In case you have light skin, hair, and eyes, your appearance might be too reasonable for shroud the blue-purple veins underneath the surface—particularly around your eyes. Yellow primers thump out those dark blues (and let you take it a little easy on concealer). You can also add warmth to a darker complexion by layering a yellow primer under foundation as this shade is best suited for medium and dark skins.You can similarly add warmth to a darker appearance by applying a coat of yellow color primer under foundation.

Hope you found this article useful. Share your opinion with us on the comment section.

Keep Shining with FASH



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