12 Simple Makeup Tips and Applying Order

In our previous article we spoke about uses of loosing powder.

This time we want to know from you, how do you apply makeup on face? What are the proportions and areas you apply? Are you aware of all the products available in the market to make you look Flawless?
Or … Do you even apply make up?
Well… If you aren’t applying makeup we recommend that you must! After all there is no harm in looking more beautiful than you look regularly.
Applying makeup such as Eyeliner, Eye Shadows, Blushes, Lipsticks doesn’t mean you are tricking people by making yourself look attractive, rather we would say it is all about enhancing your existing features and make yourself look Stunning!

Procedures of applying basic make up

  1. Wash you face with gentle face wash and pat it dry with a soft towel.
  2. Apply Moisturizer evenly all over the face, massage well and allow it to set on your face.
  3. Primer is very important Component of the make-up procedure. Apply Primer evenly all over your face.
  4. Now you may apply the foundation that suits your complexion. Yes now you got that fine appearance with wrinkle free look.
  5. You would require Concealer to conceal you blemishes, dark circle, dark spots or pimples, pigmentations etc.
  6. Highlight your Eye brows using an Eyebrow Pencil and give them a well-defined shape.
  7. Apply Eye shadow of your choice or matching to your outfit. Eye shadow covers up eyeliner; hence it is suggested applying Eye shadow before you apply eyeliner.
  8. Eyeliner will give your eyes a beautiful shape giving your eyes a radiant appearance.
  9. You can use mascara to beautify your eyelashes and make it look more dark and curved.
  10. Blushes are equally essential on both cheeks. If you have followed all the above steps then why not this as well?
  11. Now you are almost done, just to set all the above properly on your skin and to make to last long; Dab loosing powder i.e. Compact over it. You can also use Highlighters on your cheeks; jaws for a shimmery get up.
  12. Any make-up is incomplete without Lipstick. Even if it of nude shade. Lipstick has to be applied. Apply you favorite color lipstick, be matte or be it gloss.

Now, here you are done! Just look at yourself in the mirror. How adorable you look!!

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In-case you are among those who have expertise the art of makeup and still not using it in daily life, then it surely must the time issue or you are lazy 😉
Lady, we gave you some tips and tricks to apply the ordinary makeup rule to help you look extra ordinary!!
Do feel free to comment below and let us know if you have found this article helpful.

For our next article Stay tuned. Until  then…



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