5 Uses of Loosing Powder you weren’t aware.

  1. Setting Powder Post makeup: You apply lovely make up and are ready to have an awesome day. But what is the guarantee that the make-up would not get smudged as the day passes by? Don’t worry; to prevent your make up getting messes up, Loosing Powder can be used as final setting powder after entire make-up is applied on face to prevent the smudging of the Make-up.
  2. Setting of Eye shadow: Eye Shadows are dusty and often tend loose grip from the skin. In such case loosing powder can be utilized to give a firm set up to the Eye-Shadows on the eyelids as well as Under Eyes
  3. Setting Concealer: Concealer may sometimes turn up slightly greasy especially in the Under-Eye area. Applying compact may give a smooth finish; however it also gives a cakey appearance. Loosing powder can be better substitute in situation like this.
  4. Oily Face: Drawback of Summer Season is that it makes your skin Oily. Instead of Compact even applying a layer of Loose Powder is enough to make your skin look perfect balanced.
  5. As Foundation: Lady! You are beautiful! You need not apply make up every day. Or if you are in hurry and have no time to apply proper makeup. A clean dab of Loose Powder is all you want to make yourself look flawless.


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