The most beautiful asset of a woman is her ravishing, healthy hair. To enhance the beauty of a lady, thick long lustrous hair is essentially required supplemented with a soft & shiny appearance that can make the woman look prettier.  A change in hairstyle of a woman can bring a drastic difference on her facial appearance as well due to beautification of her hair. There are in-numerous hairstyles for women especially those with long hair, which when, combined with suitable costumes would make her look sophisticated.

Here are few simple yet attractive hairstyles for long hairs for different occasions.


#1 Casual Outing:

da201c833e2e31d45299dc8b0af3608bMessy hairstyles are always in vogue. Always remember, when it comes to make messy hairstyle, it must never look intentionally messy. A mild touch up works perfect here. This Hairstyle may appear confusing to make the style but is very simple. Just few strings of hair left loose at the edge and a braid or twirls from the mid, tied to a pony. This hairstyle can look marvelous with Pinna form or Skirt blouse, T-shirts & Jeans.



#2 Office and Meetings:

This Hairstyle is done with the help of buns on the top hairstyle 2& behind the head and large curls at bottom. Some strings of hair sleeked down on both sides, yet doesn’t looks disturbed or messy. Hair slides are pinned properly to give a sheer professional decent look. This type of hairstyle will suit for meeting schedules. This hairstyle will go along Western Formals.




#3 Dinner Date:                                                                          

hairstyle 1This hairstyle is a fall braid from front center going towards sideways. It not only makes you look beautiful but also gives you an innocent look.This hairstyle can go very well with a long gown, long or midi skirts with open back or sleeveless   blouse and can also go along very well with midi dresses.





#4 Wedding and Reception:

Twist Twirls & Curls all over. This hairstyle is perfect for hairstyle 3wedding receptions as well as other traditional events. It is very simple to make and give most elegant look to the personality. It, no doubt, goes very well with any traditional outfit. It can also be incorporated with semi traditional outfits as well as frocks.





#5 Style-at-Home:      

This hairstyle is a fall braid from front center going towards hairstyle 4sideways. It not only makes you look beautiful but also gives you an innocent look. This hairstyle can go very well with a long gown, long or midi skirts with open back or sleeveless blouse and can also go along very well with midi dresses.





#6 Sports Style:  

hairstyle 5Who says Sports people do not require any hairstyle? If you are a sports player, we have a style to match you as well. In this hair style you just have to comb you hair firmly and tie bands in between. This style holds you hair tight and also allows air to pass by in-between the hair bands, making you feel sweat free. This not only makes you look beautiful but also prevents hair strands falling on your face during your heavy work out. This style can go with any sports or gym outfit.



#7 Holiday – Vacation Hairstyle:  

The word holiday is by itself delightful. The term vacation reminds you of lot many hairstyle 6photos and memories. To add on to the beauty of holiday or your vacation you can try this hairstyle. It is very hassle-free and on the same time gives you a royal look.

 Steps: Plaits coming from front of one side and from the other side you give a mild twirl to your hair bringing it behind  and that’s where you make a single knot and place a slide right next to the braid to prevent it from opening.

#8 Movie:

hairstyle 7Planning to go for movie with pals? And you feel you don’t want to look casual by tying a pony or keeping it open? Well, we have one for you too.

 Steps: You can make little curls at the bottom of your hair. Grab two sections of approximately 1 to 2 inches from both edges and pin it up behind. To make it more appealing, you can place a fancy clip or satin bow and keep everyone engaged to you unique hairstyle. This style can be used with casual shirts, long tees with jeans or any other casual wear.


We have also got one tutorial for you on one of the above mentioned Hairstyle (i.e. Sports)


Make yourself center of attention with mesmerizing above mentioned hairstyles allied with your mind boggling costumes. And you can make yourself even more attractive by accessorizing yourself with cosmetic pallets by #FASH Limited.

To know more stay tuned for our next Article

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