How to Sultry Red Lips Makeup

A desire to look good – feel good is what lingers inside every woman and sometimes the right makeup can just do the magic – we at FASH, call it the Red Lips Makeup Look.It’s a timeless look that’s perfect for any skin tone or age.And we need no reason or occasion to pull-off this look.

The Red Lips requiresthe face makeup to be subtle, we don’t need too much of makeup going on everywhere. All we ever want is to look our best for special occasions like dates and weddings; getting the right makeup done can speak volumes.

Now coming back to the very reason for writing this article is that, makeup at times can be pretty challenging, knowing when to do the right makeup can be very tricky. And if you want to know “How” read ahead.

Here are some of the ways where you can pull-off this look:

Look #1 Near to nothing


Makeup look purely dedicated to the lazy girls on a weekend who are not in the mood of getting the makeup done.

For this look, all you need is a moisturizer that works best for your skin type and a good highlighter. Now!To add some color on your face, go for the deep red lip color.



Look #2 Pink Blush Look


To-be brides who’d prefer the red lips then make the pink your best friend.

A little dash of pink blush and eyeshadow that’s of the same color as the blush will balance the whole red lips makeup look.

Ladies!Whenever you say “Yes” to the dress can also say YES to the Red Lips Makeup look.


Look #3 Dewy Look



Apply bronzer and highlight just enough to contour your face. To transform your whole look add red lip color.

Bronzer and highlighter can make a huge difference to your makeup look. It illuminates your skin to give a dewy finish.


Look #4 Grungy Red Lip Color Look


Attain this look with creamy Bronzer shade that compliments your skin tone. Define your eyes with dark black eyeliner on the upper lids and little bit on the lower lash line. Fill in your eyebrows and apply matte red lip color. Just like the 80’s! Now you’re Grungy look ready.



Look #5 Professional



At some point we all have to present a presentation at our work place. That’s the time when our confidence does get shaken up a little and this is where the Red lips makeup look saves our day.

So Ladies! Put your best face forward with a dash of blush and winged eyeliner in black.


Look #6 Bronzy Look


Red Lips and Bronzy Makeup look is best to flaunt when you’re out with besties on a brunch.

For this look, do the bronzy contour and not too loud bronze color eye shadow. Complete this look with a creamy lip color in just the right amount of glossy sheen.To add sophistication, apply a mild highlighter to get that dewy look.

If you are having prescribed glasses or just want that nerdy look then this is what you’ll need.

Look #7 Sultry Date Night Look


An extension to the above look is the smokier eye shadow look with a darker contrasting bronzy color on the crease as well as on the outer-v. Golden is perfect as the highlight color.

For your date night, do the glossy red lips.



Look #8 Freckles so Dainty



Make the freckles look so dainty with the trending combination of bronze and bare fresh face look. Brighten your face with a slight application of bronze or gold eye shadow. Ease out the whole look by applying Red lip color and then dab it with a tissue.



Look #9 Orangy-Red Look



We have always associated the red lip color with the bronze or the highlighter.But if you are Adventurous with Makeup then Orangy-Red lips is what you should be looking for. With face makeup enough to balance it right. To get this look, do the pink blush and taupe gray eye shadow with white on the inner corner.


Look #10 Victorian Maroon-Red Look



Looking for variations?! Maroon-Red lips are a great substitute for bright red.

Now that the glossy eye shadow look and bold lip color are trending, teaming both is a great way to keep up with the trend.


Achieve all these tempting looks with 3 of our bestselling product: FASH Cream Concealer Contour & Highlighting Palette, FASH 66 Color Matte & Shimmer Lip Color Palette and FASH 10 Color Blush Palette.

Looking Gorgeous has never been so easier with FASH!

We hope you liked the Sultry Red Lips Makeup look. Do feel free to comment below and let us know if you have found this article helpful.

Until the next article,



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