Get Beauty and Confidence with Flawless Face

We are busy hunting for the best shoes & outfits, getting the latest hairstyle and Glamour portrait of beautiful woman model with fresh daily make-upmanicures done, keeping up to date with style. But what is it that we notice about a person when we first meet them? To our surprise, it’s the Flawless Face. Our face radiates what’s inside of us, be it our passion, confidence or may be our fears. So getting our best face forward has become crucial. Perhaps there are days where a blemish can ruin our burning passion and confidence. We must work our best to keep our confidence intact as it means so much to us.

We absolutely love shopping; it’s obvious that we are and would be buying the best lipstick and eyeshadow to flatter the color of our eye. Ba-Bam! What we tend to neglect is the base of all this “concealers”.

“ One of the beauty lesson you can learn is to master the flawless face. -FASH Cosmetics ”

We at FASH, can understand what’s best for you and have come up with Mineral based waterproof Concealer. Concealers are like erasers. It conceals our blemishes, zits, scars, under eye circle and also our tattoos. Leaving us with the confidence we always desired. Attaining Flawless Face is so vital, and it brings us to the color corrector and its use.

Concealers and Color Corrector Guidelines:

  • Purple:  Eliminates unwanted Yellow Undertones.
  • White: Highlights the face when contouring.
  • Green: Neutralizes Redness. Removes acne redness, scars or zits.
  • Yellow: Hides Purple or Blue tone bruises and veins. Also hides the Dark Circle.
  • Pink: Mask Signs of Fatigue and Brighten the eye area.
  • Orange: Hides spots, deep discoloration and dark circles for people with darker skin tone.
  • Lighter & Darker shades can be used for contouring.
  • Mix 2 shades to get the perfect concealer match for your skin tone.


FASH Concealer texture is very smooth and blend-able. Our mineral based waterproof concealer doesn’t melt off even with slight break out of sweat.

Fact:  Flawless face makeup enhances our eyeshadow and lipstick.

By now you know a lot about the concealer and color corrector’s. But without the right kind of tool achieving flawless look will be just a dream. We at FASH, designed the Brushes to give you flawless finish.

Use the smaller brush for minute detailing and the larger for maximum coverage.


Now, mastering the art of Concealer and Color Corrector should be your prime focus. So Ladies Say “No” to cakey makeup and “Yes” to Flawless Makeup.

Do feel free to comment below and let us know if you have found this article helpful.

Until the next article,


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