Beauty Regime for Everyday Basic Makeup Look

Did you know that the right makeup can boost your confidence? If you are a beginner or a working professional and wondering how to get the makeup done with the right shade and intensity, then look no further. We at FASH understand your needs; this is why we have come up with a Beauty Regime for Everyday Basic Makeup Look.


Let’s start off with picking the right eyeshadow from a bundle of shades in our FASH Palette that would be suitable for your daily look. Shades like brown, grey, taupe are amazing. However, if you’re looking for colorful eyeshadow accents opt for the blues and greens. Off-whites and creams will work best for highlighting. If fresh face makeup look is what’s on your mind then choose the lighter shades of brown. For your day to night makeover, use black shadow to give it a smokey effect. We here at FASH, would not recommend using Sparkly-Frosty eyeshadow and darker shades for your day to day look.

Achieve this Look with:

art1-img2Before starting off with Eyeshadow application, prep your eyes with moisturizer and primer. A lot of women do not apply primer on their eyelids, but we at FASH suggest using it as priming your eye lids helps the eyeshadow last longer. Moreover it helps the shade to pop up, giving a very vibrant look. Set the primer with a very light or translucent powder. Having done with the pre eyeshadow prep, now it brings us to the next interesting question – Where to apply the right color shade? Use the lighter shades of brown on your entire eyelid, start working your way through from your lash line to the crease. Pick a shade darker for the crease area and blend the harsh lines well with the blending brush. Now for the outer-V, pick a shade darker than the crease color and blend. Brush cream color shadow to highlight your brow bone and the inner corners of your eye to give it a bright eye effect. Complete your whole eyeshadow look with black or subdued shade like brown kohl. Don’t forget to curl your lashes. Apply eyeliner and sweep on mascara.

Face makeup always follows Eyeshadow makeup. This saves half an hour of your precious time and also the best way to prevent the eyeshadow fallouts from ruining your face makeup. Use FASH Cream Concealer for more coverage and the foundation that works best for you. Brighten your face with bronzer, matte blush and highlighter. Touch up your brows and complete your makeup with neutral or pink lip color and your good to go.


For those days when you are not sure which color eyeshadow will go with your outfit of the day or when you’re on an errand try on this look.  The Everyday Basic Makeup Look will always be there for your rescue. Now that you know this Beauty Regime, look effortlessly beautiful at school or college. When it is about your professionalism, this makeup look will only boost your confidence.

Let us know what you think about this look and feel free to comment below.

Until the next article,


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