How To Sport Fall’s Surprising Hair Trend 3 WAYS!

This fall it’s all about that Power haircut. That’s right ladies; the Blunt bob is making a comeback. Celebs from the Kardashians to Selena Gomez, they are all rocking it. The Blunt bob is the haircut popularized and inspired by Anna Wintour. The Blunt bob haircut is just a bit longer than the Bob haircut … Continue reading How To Sport Fall’s Surprising Hair Trend 3 WAYS!

Fash Beauty Talk: HIGHLIGHTERS

We all love a good Highlighter that helps us fake that natural glow-from-within look. Today we talk about the different types of highlighters, where to apply highlighter on your face and what color highlighter suits your skin tone the best. Let’s begin. TYPES OF HIGHLIGHTERS Basically there are three main types of highlighters you can … Continue reading Fash Beauty Talk: HIGHLIGHTERS


Red lips, Jeans and a casual tee styled with messy hair is a classic summer look that every girl loves to wear. But that doesn’t mean you stick to one look throughout the summer. We tell you how to pair your hair and makeup with your outfits and help you get your Summer Look Book … Continue reading HOW TO ROCK SUMMER’S ‘IT’ FASHION LOOKS


Summer is here, which means it’s time to flaunt that beach body and get your tan on. Lots of swim suit shopping to do and denim shorts to buy. And it’s the perfect time to bring out those sunny hats and wear them with your pretty summer dresses. We cannot think of a better way … Continue reading THIS SUMMER, KEEP IT LIGHT!


It’s summer time and with the Royal wedding behind us, it’s time for the brides to gear up for their own summer wedding. We know you’ve taken one or few inspirations from the Royal wedding, know every detail about Meghan Markle’s wedding gown and spent more time discussing about the details of the Royal wedding … Continue reading MEGHAN MARKLE INSPIRED BUN HAIRSTYLES FOR BRIDES TO TRY THIS SUMMER.


The British Royal family is one of the most famous Royal families around the world. The British Royal ladies are one of the most photographed women in the world. Royal fashion has been a subject of admiration for years now by many fashion lovers. We all love to keep up with the latest British Royal … Continue reading THE PRINCESS HAIR DIARIES.

Wedding Guest Makeup Looks To Try This Spring.

Spring is beautiful and spring weddings are even more beautiful. The weather, the cherry blossoms, the atmosphere... it’s all pretty.  As magical as weddings feel, figuring out what to wear to a wedding is a nightmare. What clothes to wear, which shoes to select, how should you do your hair, what makeup suits the best; … Continue reading Wedding Guest Makeup Looks To Try This Spring.


Do you really need a hundred pair of shoes? Do you really need to buy the same pair of sneaker in 5 different colors? Do you really think one pair of shoes goes with everything? Ladies... we bring you a list of the ONLY types of shoes every girl needs to own to complete her … Continue reading THE ONLY TYPES OF SHOES YOU NEED TO SHOP FOR!


With the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just around the corner and Kate Middleton getting a new sister-in-law; the world can’t help but dub the two as the new ‘Diana and Fergie.' There is no doubt that both Kate and Meghan make for a stylish duo but they aren’t the only royal … Continue reading MOST STYLISH ROYAL SISTERS-IN-LAW

Different Nail Colors, Different Meanings.

The nail color you choose to wear indicates a lot about your mood and likings in a way you never knew. RED The color red is bold and sexy. People who often choose to wear red nail polish are considered to be confident and outgoing. They are people who are comfortable in their own skin … Continue reading Different Nail Colors, Different Meanings.